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Vegan Raspberry Macaron

Vegan Raspberry Macaron

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100% PLANT BASED FRENCH MACARONSNo Artificial colors  NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORSmakaróny bez mliekamacaron bez sóje

 100% Plant Based French Macarons 

Vegan goodness where taste, quality and health come together.

Raspberry macarons are naturally gluten-free, made from almonds.

Vegan raspberry macarons are delicate desserts with a crisp shell and a rich filling bursting with fresh raspberries. Perfect for anyone who enjoys indulging in a sweet treat without animal products. Raspberry brings a sweet and refreshing taste that pairs beautifully with the almond shell of the macarons, offering a balanced and delightful indulgence.

Raspberry macarons are made from high-quality plant-based ingredients, without any artificial additives.

Rasoberry macarons are fully vegan, made from 100% plant-based ingredients, and gluten-free.

*Although no ingredients with gluten are used in this product, it may contain traces of gluten.

Allergen information:

Contains:  tree nuts/almonds/.

Eco friendly Compostable Food PackagingEco-friendly compostable food packaging

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Storage Instructions

Macarons are best enjoyed at room temperature.

Fresh 7+ days upon delivery

Store in the refrigerator for better taste. Frozen in an airtight container, they will taste great even after a month.

Macarons stay fresh 7+ days if you store them cool.

So feel free to place order in advance for your stress free party.

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    We bake for you also gluten free friendly, dairy free and soy free.

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