Frequently Asked Questions

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Pick up
Where can I pick up my order?
Are there any days that are unavailable for pickup and delivery?
How far in advance has the order be confirmed for my pick up?
Do you ship your goods to other countries?
Do you ship your goodies using USPS or another shipping company?
Can I choose to order 3 months in advance?
Are you contactless delivery?
Is it ok to leave the delivery on my porch, if no one is at home to receive it?
If I order macarons or your other baked goods for a party, company party, birthday, wedding, etc., can you deliver it to me?
I have health problems and it's a problem for me to get to your pick-up point and I am outside the delivery area. Is it possible to make special arrangements?
What is the delivery time frame if I select the delivery option?
Do you provide delivery every day?
What is the order cut off time?
Which zip codes are eligible for delivery?
About products
How best to store macrons, and when do they taste best?
What is the exact ingredient list of your goodies?
Do your products contain eggs?
Do your products contain milk?
Do your products contain nuts?
What does gluten-free friendly mean?
I am interested in ordering macarons for a wedding, is this possible?
It's my child's birthday, and instead of a birthday cake she wants your macarons. Can you make macarons for our daughter for her birthday?
We have a company event and we would like macarons with our company colors. Can you make this for us?
Can I order special macarons for with a logo?
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