Collection: Linzer

Traditional Linzer Cookies:

History: Traditional Linzer cookies have their roots in Austria and are named after the city of Linz on the Danube River. This sweet treat dates back to the 17th century and has become beloved worldwide. Originally associated with significant occasions, they gradually gained popularity for everyday consumption.

Taste Experience: Traditional Linzer cookies are known for their delicate and crumbly texture. The dough is made from flour, butter, sugar, and ground nuts, giving them a rich and buttery flavor. The hallmark of these cookies is the filling, usually in the form of raspberry or blackberry jam. They are often decorated with cut-out holes or patterns on the top layer of the dough, giving them their distinctive appearance.

Vegan Linzer Cookies:

History: Vegan Linzer cookies are a modern variation of the traditional recipe, created for those who prefer a vegan diet. These desserts preserve the rich taste and exceptional appearance of traditional Linzer cookies but are made without the use of animal products, making them environmentally friendly and cruelty-free.

Taste Experience: Our vegan Linzer cookies maintain the crumbly texture of traditional recipes but are made without butter and egg yolks. The dough still boasts richness, thanks to plant-based fats and sugar. The filling can include vegan jam or preserves, providing a rich fruity flavor.

Shared Experience: Both traditional and vegan Linzer cookies are perfect desserts for sharing with family and friends. Each bite brings a taste experience and a piece of history of this beloved confection.

Celebrate both the traditional and vegan versions of Linzer cookies, which you bake by hand for your customers, and offer them a unique taste joy and delicacy that this dessert brings.