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European cookies - Shortbread Circle - VEGAN - Gluten Free Friendly

European cookies - Shortbread Circle - VEGAN - Gluten Free Friendly

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Vegan Shortbread Cookies with Almond Flour

Indulge in the authentic taste of Scottish shortbread cookies, lovingly prepared for you without any animal products! Our vegan version includes a touch of almond flour for an even richer flavor.

History and Quality: We have something special for you - a vegan twist on the traditional shortbread cookie recipe, perfected with dedication to preserving its classic taste. Our vegan shortbread cookies with almond flour carry a dose of Scottish heritage and are now available for you to enjoy without any animal-derived ingredients.

Characteristic Features:

  • Crispiness and Almond Flavor: Each piece is baked to perfection, achieving a delicate crispness and a rich flavor with the use of high-quality plant-based butter and almond flour.
  • Simple Recipe: Our vegan shortbread cookies are made following a traditional recipe that excludes any animal products, including plant-based butter, sugar, regular flour, and almond flour.
  • Vegan Touch: Each piece is baked with care and passion, ensuring an authentic Scottish shortbread experience without compromise.

Usage: Our special vegan product with almond flour is a perfect accompaniment to your favorite tea or coffee. You can also share them as unique gifts with your loved ones during the holiday season or on special occasions.

Revive the taste of history with our vegan shortbread cookies with almond flour. Each piece is the result of our dedicated work and passion for vegan cuisine.

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    We bake for you also gluten free friendly, dairy free and soy free.

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